Friends, I’ve lost more than a month here. TIME REALLY DOES FLY!

Before moving on to the next thing, I want to pause and celebrate last week’s Ladies’ Night, Huntley’s Spring Fling! Thank you to Huntley—especially to Barb Read, who, let’s face it, is just awesome. And, thank you to YOU. It was so, so, so very fun getting to meet and greet all of you. And it was so, so, so very fun to introduce you to Plenty.

Oh, how I hope you’ll come back when it’s a little less crowded and we have more time to get to know one another. I have re-stocked the shelves and have SO MANY new, adorable, delightful, encouraging, happy-making things on my shelves.

Sometimes, I wish we were open every single day. Maybe even every minute of every day. (I do so enjoy meeting you! I do so enjoy being near adorable, silly, sweet, sassy, encouraging, or thought-provoking things!) But, to quote my friend Meghan (who said she might have to put a Plenty line item in her budget), it’s probably a good thing we are only open here and there. Good People of Huntley, I am saving you money!

And I hope to see you soon!